Do Not Repair Your Dentures At Home

broken denture

Today I’ll discuss why not to repair your own dentures and the damage that can follow. We can all agree dentures seem to break at the most inconvenient times. Before your 40th wedding anniversary, before your daughters big day, or just before going to your favorite restaurant. Many times people will attempt to fix them at home and end up making them worse.

Always think about this before trying to fix your denture:

Consider the risks and weigh them carefully. If you apply certain chemicals or glues you could be putting very dangerous chemicals into your mouth and body. Worse these repairs may not last long or once again damage the denture or your mouth even further.

We have all seen the at home kits, these are temporary but they do a great job marketing to confuse the public:

It’s important to note: these kits market themselves as more permanent solutions. The only permanent solution is to have a dental professional fix them. This will ensure that they fit comfortably, don’t irritate your mouth, and that they won’t harm your jaw.

Why can’t I just use super glue?

As we mentioned above if the denture or tooth isn’t placed correctly you can damage your denture and more importantly your mouth. If the super glue does not dry out completely, you will experience a chemical taste, and superglue is somewhat toxic. Expect this self-repair to only last a short while, try not to eat on the tooth and have a repair center fix the denture correctly as soon as possible.

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