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High End Full Dentures
-Select your own tooth and gum shade.
-Select your own tooth size.
-Custom made, dentist directed.
-Fully customizable.
Only Four Payments of $187.25
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Boil & Bite Immediate Dentures
Only One Payment $187
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High End Partial Dentures
-Replace as many teeth as needed.
-Flexible, Metal, and VisiClear Available.
-Custom made, dentist directed.
Only Four Payments of $174.75
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Custom Flipper 1-2 Teeth
Only Two Payments of $249.50
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Nesbit 1-2 Rear Tooth Replacement
Only Two Payments of $174.50
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How does Denture Rescue make Buying Dentures Online easy?

  • Free Impression Kit.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Custom Made. High End. Not 3D Printed.
  • All cases dentist directed.
  • Free Adjustments. (if needed)
  1. We send you an easy to use at home impression kit. Return shipping label included. Free expert help.
  2. Next a dentist will review your impressions and plan out your high end custom denture or partial.
  3. We send you a trial fitting to make sure you love it.
  4. Finally we will craft your new smile and ship it to you discretely. Free adjustments. Money back guarantee.*

Skip the Dental Office When You Buy Dentures and Partials Online!

Skip the Dental Visit! Buy Dentures Online today. We can make your custom Dentures or Partial Dentures by mail faster and for less! Dentist Directed. Same quality as a brick and mortar dental office. Money Back Guarantee. (minus shipping costs) Don’t purchase from a site that doesn’t have a licensed dentist.

Don’t leave home, let us do the work. Our Dentures and Partials are not a temporary solution but instead are the same high quality product you would get at a brick and mortar dental office.

Founded by Dr. Jaffe DDS who has been in practice for over 40 years. Denture Rescue allows you to buy dentures online by offering a simple mail order solution with a free impression kit!

How long do mail order dentures take?

Crafting the perfect smile can take time and we strive for perfection, especially when it comes to your smile. When you buy dentures online we will do a bite block and trial fitting to make sure it is perfect before making the final denture, just like a dental office. Other sites will completely skip this step. Likewise, with a partial it will depend on the case and number of teeth. Partials and Flippers can be done in as fast as 2-3 weeks, while a full denture can be done as fast as 4 weeks. All cases will vary. We try not to rush perfection for your new high quality smile! Optional and custom features may add additional time.

When I buy mail order dentures online what should I expect?

When you buy dentures online our standard materials are the same materials used by dentists. For Partials we offer both Flexible or Metal. For Flexible our dentist uses high end TCS (the newest improvement in Valplast), lighter, more esthetic, more comfortable and virtually non-breakable. However, if you prefer Metal we are happy to provide that.

Why Some Dentists No Longer Make Dentures

However, while dentists are trained to provide a wide range of dental treatments and services, making dentures requires specialized knowledge and skills. Many dentists no longer perform dentures in their offices.

Therefore, it’s generally recommended that dentists who are not trained or experienced in denture fabrication should avoid making dentures.

Here are a few reasons why:

Complex process: Making dentures involves a complex process that requires precise measurements, detailed impressions, and careful consideration of various factors such as the patient’s oral anatomy, bite, and esthetic preferences. Dentists who are not trained in this process may not be able to achieve the same level of quality and precision as experienced denture specialists.

Risk of complications: Poorly fitting dentures can cause a range of complications such as sore spots, irritation, difficulty eating and speaking, and even damage to the underlying bone and tissues. Dentists who lack experience in denture fabrication may not be able to diagnose and address these issues effectively.

Time and resources: Making dentures requires a significant amount of time, resources, and specialized equipment. Dentists who do not specialize in denture fabrication may not have the necessary resources to produce high-quality dentures in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Legal and ethical concerns: Dentists have a legal and ethical obligation to provide safe and effective treatments that meet the standards of care in their field. Dentists who are not trained or experienced in denture fabrication may be at risk of providing substandard care, which can lead to legal and ethical complications.


In summary, while dentists are capable of providing many dental services, it’s generally recommended that they avoid making dentures unless they have received specialized training and have sufficient experience in denture fabrication. Patients who require dentures should seek out experienced denture specialists who can provide high-quality, safe, and effective treatment.

At Denture Rescue our licensed dentist has over 45 years of experience with Dentures and more! We are happy to make your dentures.

Skip all the dental visits, we can make your high end denture or partial from the comfort of your home. Denture Rescue has helped people all over the world. Let us help you smile and eat better than ever!

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