What is the difference between cheap online dentures and expensive online dentures?

This is a popular topic and one that should be addressed in detail. DIY denture kits or boil kits are temporary solutions that are typically only cosmetic. They will never fit your mouth perfectly because real impressions with high quality materials are never used.

On the other hand our Dentures and Partials are not a temporary solution but instead are the same high quality product you would get at a brick and mortar dental office.

Our standard materials are the latest and greatest. For Partials we recommend flexible. Our dentist uses high end Valplast, lighter, more esthetic, more comfortable. Virtually non-breakable. No visible clasps. However, if you prefer metal we are happy to provide that at no extra cost. For Dentures we use all top grade materials. Lucitone Denture Base Resin is an acrylic whose high-impact strength has set the industry standard for denture resins. Offering superb resistance to flexure fatigue, excellent tissue coloration, vein simulation and balanced translucency. Lucitone is available in four aesthetic shades. Cadmium-free. Heat Cured.

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