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Congratulations on getting your denture repaired! Complete the form below to pay for your repair. You will want to enter the amount from the quote you received or the amount your denture repair consultant provided.

Denture Repair Secure Payment Form

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Terms and Conditions

If we cannot complete your repair for any reason we will provide a full refund minus any shipping costs.

Please note shipping turnaround times are based on data provided by a number of courier services. Times should be accurate but due to unforeseen circumstances extended time may occasionally be required to complete repair and/or delivery.

Thank you for becoming a client of Denture Rescue and our Associated Dental Groups. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Please carefully read the following paragraphs.

We are not examining your mouth. You understand that a doctor has not examined your mouth (oral cavity) to check for any physical anomalies or disease. We recommend that you have your oral cavity examined in person by Dentist or Physician at least once per year. Our purpose is solely to repair your existing denture.

No repairs will be undertaken until a doctor reviews the denture or images of your denture. After your denture has been reviewed by a doctor the method of repair may change from your initial request. You will be notified of any changes before the repair is started.