How To Order Dentures Online

Ordering dentures or partial dentures online is simple! Typically there is a small down payment to get started and then an impression kit will be mailed out to you. Each impression kit is customized for the exact denture or partial denture you need.

Down Payment for Online Dentures and Partials

Down payments can be made using any major credit card or by mailing a check.

Taking Your Impressions

Taking your impressions may seem like a difficult task but if you follow the instructions you will see how simple it is. Typically you mix the impression material and place it in the tray. Then place the tray in your mouth and press it down (for a lower) or press it up firmly for an upper. Wait a few minutes then remove the tray from your mouth. Do not remove the material. It is important to usually send a picture of the impression for confirmation before returning it. Finally just return the impression in the same box, a label is usually included for shipping.

Fabricating Your Online Denture or Partial Denture

Your denture will be crafted quickly, usually 7-10 business days and then returned to you.

Online Denture Adjustments

Occasionally some adjustments may be required when you receive your new online dentures. No problem though! The adjustments are usually easy and free!

Final Thoughts

Ordering dentures or partial dentures online is easy no matter your age or skill level. Our team is always there to assist you throughout the process should you have any questions. Start today! Click here to begin.

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