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Awesome – NowDenture


The upper denture I got fit better than the one the dentist had make for me I highly recommend it awesome is the word.


Great purchase – NowDenture


These are great just don’t get in a hurry to fit them take your time and read and follow the instructions and you will have a great smile in no time


Perfect fit


They said might take a few try’s for it to fit. First try it’s a perfect fit. Payment plan made it super affordable. So far no adhesive needed snaps on and fits well. Eating is enjoyable again.


Simple and stress free


It was so great to get a new smile without having to schedule multiple appointments to work around and run back and forth.

I was given easy directions for each step and did it all from the comfort of home. Great fit and look


NowDenture is amazing!!!


I’ve tried many diy dentures online and these are by far the best!!! I actually cried when I saw how good they look! I will definitely be ordering my permanent dentures from you!!!!


Look great won’t break like my other dentures – NowDenture


Easy to fit and if u don’t get it rite the first time u can do it again and again I got mine to fit great cut off the extra and done


Beautiful teeth for great price!


I had a lot of issues with being able to have anything like a bite set in my mouth without gagging and vomiting so I couldn’t use my dentist to make me new teeth. I heard about Denture Rescue from someone online and decided to try it because it allows you to do the fitting at home. It took me awhile but they completely supported me, they were very understanding and professional. They sent me additional bite blocks at no charge to make sure I got a great fit! My teeth are beautiful and they fit so well I can take them out at night to clean them and then sleep with them in. I have had so many compliments on my smile! If you are thinking of using an online dentist- this is your place! I will definitely use them again for my husband and other friends- the price was literally half of what I was quoted for a far inferior product. You get a superior product that is guaranteed to make you happy, or they will fix it!


Absolutely the BEST


I previously had a partial denture made by my dentist that I absolutely hated!

I was not at all wanting to wear another denture, especially one made by an online method. I was reluctant to say the least.

Wow, was I surprised when I received the final custom made upper denture by Denture Rescue. It fits so well that I can leave it in over night.

Thank You Denture Rescue.

I would recommend you to anyone.


My New ME


It’s been a journey for me having an uncomfortable in my previous partial denture. This Company gave me a chance to bring back my confidence to myself. More power and Godbless you more guys. Thank you


Like Real Teeth


My new partials fit really well and look and feel like real teeth. Like my teeth. I am so happy I went with Denturerescue.


Absolutely amazing!


I would give 10 stars if I could! Absolutely beautiful work and so easy to deal with and excellent customer service! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯


Perfect fit


I have had my total set for almost a year now and they still fit very comfortably. The team listened and made the adjustments that I needed and they did it with the kindest demeanor. I’m all smiles now.




Very easy to work with! I highly recommend! Excellent communication and service! I’d give 10 stars if I could!!


The best ever


I’ve had partials since I was 19, I’m 25 now. I paid 1200-1500$ everytime. They’d break so easily and never looked THAT real. I found denture rescue after some googling one day. Half the price seemed too good to be true, so I looked into all of it and took the leap. Best decision I’ve ever made. This is the best partial I have ever had quality wise and appearance wise! My family who knows I wear a partial all told me how much better it looks. I’m so happy and will definitely continue to use denture rescue.


Far exceeded expectations


Exceptional service, exceptional partial denture. Denture Rescue cut no corners, are responsive to questions and walk you through the entire well-organized, simple process. Though I paid half the cost for my new partial compared to what I paid through my dentist, my new prosthetic is THE BEST fit, appearance and level of comfort. I cannot recommend this company enough.


Denture Rescue Saved My Smile and My Life!!


I lost all all but three of my bottom teeth due to radiation from cancer treatment. No dentists would touch my mouth. I sought help from Denture Rescue. This company is a world-class organization with a top-notch staff. Trust the process. There are several steps involved but Denture Rescue makes it easy. If you have questions along the way, the staff is extremely helpful and quick to answer your questions. I now have my smile and my life back!!! I urge you to use Denture Rescue. You will not be disappointed!!! I am forever grateful to them!!




The whole process took a little over a month. They communicated regularly throughout the process. They were able to answer questions quickly and communication via text message made it that much faster. The day my new partial came, it was a flawless fit. I cannot say enough good things about denture rescue.


Trustworthy provider


Was sent the materials to create my top partial. They were helpul in all questions and concerns. The package had helpful tips and resources including videos. Plenty of materials sent. The partial came out perfect for me. If you need partials I recommend they will help you out. Just make sure to follow and read the directions. Feel more confident and a great solution for now until I get implants.


Denture Rescue


The people at Denture Rescue were very helpful and coached me right along the whole time. It was easier than I thought it would be and it was finished in no time at all. Thank you Denture Rescue!


making me a upper partial


I must admit it did take a few weeks but those guy’s did a wonderful job.


Exceptional From Start to Finish


I needed a new partial upper denture to replace a broken one and did not realize that there were options available without having to go to the dentist. After reviewing a number of different sites, their product offerings, their pricing, and the process by which the dentures would be made, Denture Rescue appeared to be the most comprehensive and thorough in their process, and I decided to give them a try.

The process was exceptional from start to finish.

Their communication was thorough and proactive, so I knew what to expect at every step. They stay with you every step of the way. The process to make the impressions was straightforward, and the new upper parture denture fit perfectly. Overall, the fit and look of these new uppers are at least as good, if not better, then the ones that they replaced.

I would give them 6 stars if I could. Very satisfied and will return if or when I need new dentures. Excellent value and excellent service.


Excellent customer service!


This place was amazing overall.Customer service was exceptional.They did everything exactly as they said they would..I had a vacation coming up and they had it completed before my trip as they promised.Looks perfect and fits perfect!Highly reccomend Denture Rescue.


Absolutely wonderful


Never have I seen a company go out of their way as you have done for my friend Frank G. You have given him hope , and everyone has been so kind . Thank you for all you do to help patients .


So happy


The company is supporting and easy to work with, I’m very pleased with the finished product the color match is spot on looks exactly like my regular teeth. I would highly recommend this company, it’s my first experience with a partial but has definitely boosted my self confidence.


So pleased!


I received my dentures today! They look like real teeth! I have 2 other sets, and was not happy with them and they both broke repeatedly! I was tired of repairing and waiting for the tell-tell pop when they’d break again. I discussed this with denture rescue and they suggested a mesh insert, gee, other denture makers, that would have been a nice suggestion! I also upgraded to the ivaclar! they are so pretty! But what is really great is that they are comfortable and fit! I can talk and eat with them. Thank you so much denture rrescue! My only suggestion would be to be clear how many steps are involved and to state it is not an overnight procedure, but it was well worth it.


Smiling again


I am thoroughly satisfied with the excellent customer service that I received during the making of my flexible partials. The partials are by far the most flexible dentures I have ever worn. I can’t believe how satisfied I am with everything from start to finish.. I am a very happy customer and will return again in the future.


Very pleased


My new partial is wonderful. Very well made, fits perfectly and looks good. My only complaint is that it took so long but other than that I am very happy with it.


Amazing work!


This was my first time trying this process. It went smoothly and was easy to do. They provide thorough directions and are communicative. And the final product came out sooo good! I highly recommend Denture Rescue!


Thought it was a scam


Absolute must if you need new dentures. Everything is exactly as advertised. I kept waiting to be let down or disappointed during the process but It never happened. They were professional, stayed in contact with me and walked me through every step.

I saved so much money I was able to add insurance on my nee dentures as well as some upgrades. When they say they can do anything custom believe them.

My new dentures look and feel great! I appreciate dealing with a company that actually does what they say.

I will be recommending this service to all my toothless friends!


Full set dentures


I have no dentures my denture had broken and all I had was my bare gums Denture Rescue made me a pair of dentures that fit perfect just from my gum impressions that was great they were with me all the steps I had to take They communicated with me all the way from beginning to end.My dentures fit perfect don’t need fixodent and they look very natural I love them I’ll give them a 10 star but there’s only five these dentures are better than the ones I got from my dentist that broke highly recommend Denture Repair true professionals




I begin my journey with denture rescue, after searching many websites for a partial replacement. I mistakenly discarded my previous partial that was created by “my personal dentist”. The customer reviews were great, so I went for it, AND I’M SO HAPPY I DID! The process was much simpler than I had imagined, and communication was prompt, without delay! My smile has been through some previous dental issues, one being a first time partial that never really fit, with thick material used that made me speak and eat in ways that was absolutely embarrassing! I went through that for almost seven years! Within the last seven years I couldn’t eat with my previous partial, created by “my personal dentist” , because the partial would flop, move up and down while attempting to eat! It was absolutely embarrassing to be at a restaurant, while trying to slide out my partial without anyone seeing me! TODAY, I forgot I had the partial that was created by “denture rescue” in my mouth and I’ve been eating EVERYTHING! It’s light and thin and omg SSSSOOOOOO fitted! I can’t say enough about this upper, I’m completely blown away! I was so satisfied during the process of the upper, that I placed an order (midway) of the upper completion for a lower😁! My experience was so amazing, so I had to share! If anyone out there run across this site and not sure if you would like to take The chance……DO IT, YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! I’m awaiting the completion of my lower, BUT, I will be sure to drop a review!


Thank You for My Beautiful Teeth


Thank You for My Beautiful Teeth! This is a service

oriented company. They keep fixing your teeth until they are perfect!!! Thank You!


Lower partial


I can’t believe the first trial already fits perfectly.

I’am glad that I found denture rescue.

Thank you so much.


Do not go through a dentist..go directly to Denture Rescue


Previous bad experience getting partials through a dentist. Fit lousy and cost twice what Denture Rescue would have charged. Appliance never fit right and caused sores. I just got my final appliance and it fit like a glove. Denture rescue fantastic and always there for me. They gave me amazing attention all through the process!


Great Fit.


I must admit that I am very pleased with my dentures. Great fit. Also, I would like ro point out their patience. Highly recommended. Thanks again.



So far, GREAT!!!


So far great, just got my bite block, the end is near !!!

Friendly staff, very helpful


Upper flexible partial


Order an flexible upper partial. The impressions were easy. Phone call support was amazing. The finished product was outstanding. Just need a couple of minor adjustments. Cannot overstate how easy they are to work with! Amazing!




I’m so happy I decided to take chance with denturerescue. They could do what nobody else could understand my problem. My gums are high under my lip and I needed teeth that will be visible not only practical. After many years having wrong bite and partial it wasn’t easy to correct my smile, but denturerescue did it for me. I can smile again after many years. I’m so happy I want to cry. The process is easy. You get everything by mail and all the instructions without timely visits to the dentist. I got my new teeth!! Thank you denturerescue!! I’m so glad I found you.


Partial tescue


This company, communicate with clients and do the best for rescue your smile, affordable prices , just need patience for fit the denture and that take time, but is amazing job


Great servive


In today’s world it’s hard to find people who actually care about doing things right. Everyone I’ve dealt with very kind, helpful and patient people. I highly recommend them.


Love my new smile!


The process is easy to do, great value and love my new smile!


Happy Customer here 🌹


Happy Client here, I received my partial denture and it was a perfect fit. Denture Rescue did an awesome job, communication is awesome, and everything else is a smooth process. Highly recommended 🌹




To be honest I thought it was a scam. It sounded to good to be true. Save money by eliminating a doctors visit by doing it at home yourself. For 2 months I thought about it and Said why not. 2 days later package was at my house and I had non stop contact with a company representative. Whole process took about a month and a half. I gotta say I’m very happy with what I got. They fit perfectly. Had to uses a little adhesive on one side but they feel great. So glad I got them.


My partial denture


I received my upper partial denture and am very happy with it, the whole process was easy and the end result was perfect, the quality and fit was better then my dentist’s office


Very Happy!


I have to admit I was very skeptical about ordering a denture over the Internet for a missing tooth I had. Everything was done professionally and they walked me through step-by-step. I sent the impressions in and less than two weeks later I got my partial back I put it in and was beyond thrilled at how comfortable it was, and how good it looked right down to the color matching. Thank you for giving me my smile back!


Awesome staff


I highly recommend Denture Rescue..I can finally feel comfortable wearing dentures..they are a perfect fit and I will never go back to a dentist office again..


Happymouth here!


If you’re on the fence about this, I’m here to tell you just do it! If I had to think of one thing I did not like, or that did not go right, I could not! First time I’ve had a full set of gorgeous comfortable teeth in my adult life! The communication is there throughout the whole process! Very happy and I am talking normal after only a couple of days.




Hospital lost wife’s partial. Thought we would try Denture Rescue since there were som severe mobility issues. Process was fast and painless with excellent communication. The new partial arrived in a very timely manner. The new device looks and fits better than the one that was lost.

Highly recommend.


My beautiful partial


Just to let everyone know Denture Rescue is a 5 star company from the beginning to the finished product it was a pleasure working with them. My fit for my partial is perfect you won’t be disappointed




I am so glad that I decided to use denture rescue for a new set of dentures…perfect not look any further for dentures..they are professionals and know how to make dentures…


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