5 Minute High Quality At Home Dentures

Now Denture immediate boil bite dentures
by Denture Rescue
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Self Fitting, Boil and Bite Dentures. Affordable Dentures Without a Trip to the Dentist, Immediate, Budget Friendly Solution. We ship worldwide. Made in the USA at our FDA Certified lab.

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  • We are NOT a reseller, this product is made by us in our US based lab.
  • High quality teeth.
  • Simply order online and self-fit at home. Ready in minutes.
  • Quality acrylic dentures, reusable soft polyethylene.
  • Start your new smile today!

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Now Denture Boil and Bite Dentures. Made in the USA at an FDA approved Dental Lab.

NowDenture Boil and Bite Dentures offer customizable solutions without the need for impressions. These options can be refitted multiple times, making them suitable for both short-term and long-term use. To begin, you can start today by ordering the kit, which includes the NowDenture Immediate Denture/Dentures, adhesive cream, polishing paper, and an instruction guide. Upon receiving the kit via UPS, simply boil the materials, let them cool for 60 seconds, then mold them around your gums for three minutes. After molding, remove them from your mouth before they harden into place. Once cooled, you can enjoy your new smile! With shipping available in just one business day, you can quickly embark on your journey towards a comfortable and personalized dental solution.

My upper denture arrived at 10:30 this morning. I read the instructions and went to work on getting the water boiling. By 11:15 I was done molding it. I am ecstatic with the fit and how good it looks.  
7 years ago I had all my teeth removed because I am Immune Deficient and kept getting abscesses in my mouth. It was a nightmare and stayed that way. My dentures never fit well and I  continued to have sores in my mouth. I  have had several befits and even new dentures made.
After $27,000 my mouth and smile still sucks. I dropped my upper plate and it broke. I went to 2 different dentists. The quotes were $2000 and $5000. I decided to look on line and found your website. God was looking out for me. I ordered the upper denture. I wanted it as soon as possible since I am going on a trip next Friday.  
Your staff called me.  She was so pleasant and helpful!! She set everything up without any hassle!! I have had this denture for less than 12 hours and it fits perfectly!!!  I haven’t been this happy in many years!!!.  I ate a sandwich without any pain!!  My only problem is I only ordered the upper!! I will order the lower denture when I  get back from my trip!!!  Thank you so very much for giving me back my smile!!!
denture headaches

Multiple, expensive trips to the dentist. Patients could spend over 8 hours and wait weeks or months. Additional adjustments, relines, and more might be needed. Cost up to $5000.

  • Boil and Bite, Immediate Denture
  • Makes for a great short term or long term solution
  • No impressions required
  • Customize and refit multiple times

Start Today:

  1. Order
  2. Kit Arrives UPS
  3. Boil
  4. Let cool for 60 seconds
  5. Place in your mouth and mold it around your gums for three minutes
  6. Remove from your mouth before it hardens into place
  7. Let cool, and smile!

Your Order Includes:

  • Instruction guide
  • NowDenture Immediate Denture/Dentures
  • Adhesive
  • Polishing Paper

Due to high demand orders are taking 5-7 business days before they ship. However all cases ship UPS.
FSA/HSA also accepted.

We also accept HSA/FSA.

boil-and-bite dentures

Return Policy

All sales are final. We offer a 30-day warranty (for manufacturer defects) from the time of sale to the customer. If damaged in transit we can work with you to reissue you a new product.

Since this is a health product we cannot accept returns once the box is open.

NowDenture Online boil and bite denture
Wow! NowDenture ready in just minutes!

Now Denture Boil and Bite Dentures – 5 Minutes – Immediate Self Fitting


NowDenture Boil and Bite dentures. Immediate and budget friendly! BUY NOW Similar Products You’ll Love: Custom Made High End Dentures Click to Learn More Only Four Payments of $174.75 High End Flexible Partial Dentures Click to Learn More Only Four Payments of $174.75(Flexible, Metal, and VisiClear Available) Continue Reading Now Denture Boil and Bite Dentures…

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