Available Upgrades

Here are some additional options for your dentures. Call today 1-888-988-1851 or complete the form that will accompany your impression kit.

Upgraded Warranty $49.95 or $89.95 for Upper and Lower (Full Dentures Only):


Protect your new smile, a repair could be costly! Worry free 3 Year Limited Warranty. Holds us accountable for any cracks, fractures, breaks or tooth loss caused by any accidental flaw in development of your full denture. We’ll repair it for free because we want you to know that we care about the quality of your denture. (Current Included Warranty 6 Month Limited Warranty against cracks, fractures, breaks or tooth loss caused by any accidental flaw in development. Repair times may vary.)

Upgraded Teeth for Dentures or Partials $49.95 or $89.95 Upper and Lower:

Your choice of 16 shades of Premium Ivoclar 3 Layer Acrylic teeth. (Current Teeth: Includes your choice of 4 shades of New Ace 2 Layer Acrylic teeth)

Full Dentures Only. Store My Denture Model for Two Years $49.95:

This option allows us to store a model of your teeth.  In the event you lose your new order and need a replacement we can save you time and skip the impression process since we already have your model. (We keep the models and impressions but not a model of the denture itself, we may or may not still need to request bite blocks, trials, to get the best fit)

Additional Options and Requests will vary by case.

Additional charges for shade changes $35, reset charges of $75 after two and additional charges for customization. All treatment steps must be approved before returning or you will incur round trip shipping charges.  All services are cosmetic and are not meant to replace regular dental professional care which we encourage. + Denture Rescue will replace or repair at its option any denture which is found defective due to defects in construction or failures in materials for the period of 3 years. This offer does not apply to damage caused by using the item in a way it was not designed, or damage caused by external forces such as traffic accidents, pet damage etc, or damage due to abuse. It does not cover lost or stolen items. It does not cover any item that has been adjusted or modified by anyone other than an employee of Denture Rescue. Denture Rescue reserves the exclusive right to decide if the damage claim is a warranted service. This warranty does not include shipping of any type. Repairs will be made in the normal course of business by one of our partner labs. Rush service may be available at an additional cost.

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