Available Upgrades (NEW!)

New Turnaround Times

Typical turnaround is around 30 days plus shipping time during each step but will vary by patient.

Impression 2-3 days
Rims 3 days + shipping time
Final Finishing 2 weeks + shipping time

Impression 2-3 days + shipping time
Rims 3 days + shipping time
Final Finishing 5 days

New Upgrades for Full and Partial Denture Types

$699 Popular (Current Standard)
Standard Quality Teeth
7 Shades of teeth
3 shades of acrylic
1 year warranty against defects

$829 Supreme (New Upgrade)
Kulzer Premium Teeth
18 shades of teeth available
5 shades of acrylic
Free annual cleaning for three years(shipping not included)
3 year warranty against defects
The Kulzer teeth are designed with three separate layers to mimic the three layers of natural teeth. They are used in premium dentures throughout the world.


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