Here are some additional options for your dentures. Call today 1-888-988-1851 or complete the form that will accompany your impression kit.

Partials and Full Dentures. Upgraded Warranty $119 or $199.95 for Upper and Lower:

Worry free 4 Year Limited Warranty+. (Current Included Warranty 6 Month Limited Warranty+.)

Full Dentures Only. Upgraded Teeth for $179 or $259 Upper and Lower:

Your choice of 16 shades of Premium Ivoclar 3 Layer Acrylic teeth. (Current Teeth: Includes your choice of 4 shades of New Ace 2 Layer Acrylic teeth)

Full Dentures Only. Store My Denture Model for Two Years $49.95:

This option allows us to store a model of your teeth.  In the event you lose your new order and need a replacement we can save you time and skip the impression process since we already have your model. (We keep the models and impressions but not a model of the denture itself, we may or may not still need to request bite blocks, trials, to get the best fit)

Additional Options and Requests: Customizations will vary by case.

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