Getting Dentures Without an Office Visit: How It Is Done?

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Did you know that oral diseases impact approximately 3.5 billion people worldwide? Poor nutrition and untreated cavities can lead to pain, infections, and tooth loss. These conditions leave many people looking for tooth replacement options like dentures. However, getting dentures typically requires multiple visits to your dentist and is a time-consuming and expensive process. 

Fortunately, online services have made getting dentures much easier nowadays. You can get new dentures, repairs, and much more without leaving home.

Keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to know about getting dentures online!

Finding an Online Denture Service

Your first step is to find a reliable online denture service by conducting thorough research. Check online Google reviews to see what current customers are saying about the services they’ve received.

Next, checking the Better Business Bureau ratings is a good idea. The BBB gives you a lot of helpful information, such as complaints, reviews, and scam alerts.

You should also check the website of the company you’re considering. Reputable companies will post customer testimonials on their website that discuss their experience in detail.

Check the Services Offered

Whether you’re getting dentures for the first time or need repair work, you’ll need to ensure the company you’re considering offers a variety of services, such as:

  • Full and partial dentures
  • Denture repair
  • Back up dentures
  • Duplicate dentures
  • Cleaning
  • Individual tooth repair
  • Upgrades for faster turnaround times

It’s also essential to look at their pricing and financing options. Dentures are an investment, and flexible payment options are key. Some companies will allow you to make an initial down payment and pay the rest of the cost by making monthly payments.

Getting Dentures Online

Getting online dentures is a fairly straightforward process. You’ll need to take steps that typically include the following:

Filling Out an Online Order Form

Your first step is to complete the online order form. On this form, you can select the type of kit your need and fill out your contact information.

You’ll also get the opportunity to select any optional upgrades you may be interested in. The great thing about online dentures is that they offer the same type of upgrades you can get from the dentist’s office.

You can choose upgrades like Kulzer Premium Teeth, which are high-quality denture teeth made from multiple layers of acrylic. These teeth are more like your natural teeth since they mimic the layers that your natural teeth have.

You can also choose extended warranty plans that cover any breaks, cracks, or fractures for the first three years.

Payment Options

With online dentures, you’ll typically get flexible payment options. With Denture Rescue, you can choose to make a downpayment with your credit card and make interest-free monthly payments.

You can also contact the company directly to discuss financing and other payment options that will work for you.

At-Home Impression Kit

Once you’ve made your down payment, an impression kit will be mailed directly to your home. These kits are customized for the type of dentures you need.

Getting accurate impressions of your mouth is necessary to ensure your new dentures fit correctly. Poor-fitting dentures can cause eating problems and sore spots in your mouth.

Taking impressions may seem complicated at first, but it’s actually a simple process. You’ll typically receive thorough instructions to guide you through each step. If you use Denture Rescue, you’ll also be able to go online to access instructions that include helpful links and videos to get you moving in the right direction. 

First, you’ll need to mix the impression material and place it in the tray you receive. Then you’ll need to place the tray in your mouth and press down firmly to create the impression. Wait a few minutes before removing the tray from your mouth to allow the impression to form correctly.

Once you remove the impression, be sure not to remove the material from the tray. You’ll need to send a picture of the impression to ensure the impression is sufficient. Finally, you’ll return the impression in the same box using the shipping label provided.

Denture Fabrication

Once you send your impressions in, your dentures will be created. Usually, this process takes between 7 to 10 business days. Once your denture is complete, you’ll receive them back by mail.

Online Denture Adjustments

Once you get your dentures, they may need a few adjustments. Online adjustments are usually easy and won’t cost you any extra.

Denture Repairs

You can also get your current dentures repaired online quickly and easily. You can even get a same-day repair when you drop off your dentures at a local repair center.

If you prefer to mail your dentures in for repair, all you need to do is go online to request a free UPS label. Then a courier service will come and pick up your dentures for repair. Before your dentures are repaired, you’ll receive a free quote, so you know exactly how much it costs to proceed with the repair.

Denture Reline

You can also utilize online denture services if your current dentures are no longer comfortable. A denture reline is a procedure that reshapes the underside of your dentures, so it fits more comfortably on your gums.

You’ll first get an impression kit in the mail. Once you’ve made the impressions, you’ll send back the kit and your dentures for the adjustment.

Once completed, your dentures will be sent back to you in the mail.

Order Your Dentures Online Today

If you’re looking at getting dentures online, then you don’t need to look any further than Denture Rescue for all your needs. Denture Rescue allows you to safely skip a dental visit and get quality dentures right from the comfort of your home.

We offer full and partial dentures, denture repair, backup dentures, denture cleaning, and more. We service all of the United States, provide quick turnaround times, and have a dentist review all orders.

We look forward to helping you smile confidently again, so make sure to reach out and contact us today!

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