Do You Have to See an In-Person Dentist for Dentures?

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If you’re missing at least one tooth, you’re not alone: a staggering 120 million people in the U.S. are in the same boat. About 36 million don’t even have any of their pearly whites left. And of these edentulous people, 9 in 10 wear dentures.

Dentures are, after all, among the most cost-effective teeth replacement options. They can fill in the gaps left by one, two, or all missing teeth. And, so long as constructed carefully, they can improve smiles, comfort, and speech.

Still, visiting a dentist for dentures is something that some people may not want to do. And it’s not only them; many Americans forego dental visits, the most common reason being cost. Others may face challenges with traveling or feel anxious or embarrassed.

Sounds familiar?

If so, then you’d want to keep reading this guide. We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t delay ordering dentures and if you even need to visit a dentist. 

Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures

Missing teeth can affect your speech, smile, and the way you eat. In the long run, they can cause more significant problems, like bone loss and gum disease. All these can lead to poor overall health and quality of life. 

Speech Impediment

Correct pronunciation depends on proper lip, tongue, and teeth placement. Missing a tooth (or several) can make forming certain words or sounds challenging. Sometimes, people with missing teeth may even speak with a lisp.

Dentures can help prevent such speech changes since they replace missing teeth.

Teeth Movement

Even without orthodontic appliances, the teeth naturally move by themselves. Having an unoccupied space beside them gives them even more opportunity to do so.

The teeth next to a lost tooth can shift their position to fill in the space left by the missing tooth. Over time, this can lead to teeth misalignment, also called malocclusion.

A malocclusion is an improper bite. It can result in problems with speech, eating, and smiling. It can also cause uneven tooth wear, contributing to dental erosion and decay.

Tooth decay is the most common dental disease; 9 in 10 American adults have had it. It’s also one of the primary culprits behind tooth loss.

Since you want to keep the rest of your natural teeth, you must keep them in their original places. High-quality, properly fitting dentures can help as they fill in the spaces left by lost teeth. 

Jawbone Deterioration

The jawbone retains its structure through the stimulation it receives from the teeth. Thus, losing a tooth means losing that stimulation. Over time, this can result in the deterioration or loss of the jawbone.

Jawbone deterioration can lead to gum recession and periodontal (gum) disease. The latter is especially prevalent in the U.S., affecting nearly half of U.S. adults 30 years or older.

A weakened jawbone can also affect your facial structure, giving your face a sunken look. It can also impact the integrity and stability of the rest of your teeth.

The good news is that dentures supported by dental implants can help prevent such issues. In this case, the dentures attach to implants (replacement tooth roots).

Dental implants themselves are in or just above the jawbone. This allows the dentures they support to stimulate the jawbone. 

Do You Have to Visit a Dentist for Dentures, Then?

No. Today, you no longer have to visit a dentist physically for a denture fitting.

Instead, you can order dentures online in the comfort of your abode. You don’t have to travel for the fitting procedure, as you can do this at home. Nor do you have to pick your dentures up somewhere, as they will get delivered to your preferred address. 

What’s the Process When You Buy Dentures Online?

First, determine the type of dentures you need, such as if they’re full or partial.

Full dentures replace all teeth (upper and lower arches). By contrast, partial dentures only replace one or several missing teeth. However, partial dentures can be for either (or both) upper and lower arches.

You’re ready for the rest of the steps once you know what type you need. 

Placing an Order

You’ll fill out an order form when you purchase mail-order dentures online. In this form, you’ll specify the type of dentures you wish to purchase. You’ll also provide your contact details and delivery address.

Please ensure you provide a valid phone number and email address. The service provider will send you updates on your dentures through these platforms.

For example, they’ll let you know once they get your impressions. They’ll also tell you if they’ve started making your dentures or have already shipped them to you. 

Reviewing and Paying For Your Order

Review your order and ensure all details are correct. Then, choose your payment method (e.g., credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay).

Depending on the denture provider you choose, you could pay in installments. A reliable service will let you pay in installments at 0% interest with your debit or card. This can be helpful if you wish to break down your payments instead of shelling it out in one go. 

Wait for Your Impression Kit

After processing your paid-for order, the provider will send you an impression kit. You should receive this within a few days, and as soon as you do, use it immediately.

Inside your kit are denture supplies you’ll use to create an impression of the inside of your mouth. These include soft molding materials, trays, and complete instructions.

Please follow the directions to a T to ensure your impressions are as accurate as possible.

Confirm Your Impressions’ Viability

Once you’ve taken an accurate impression, take photos of it (and your teeth and mouth). Then, send these images to your chosen denture service.

Those photos allow the denture experts to confirm you’ve done the impressions correctly. Doing so can save you time and keep you from paying extra for another kit (in case the first one you send is wrong). As for the photos of your teeth, these will let them choose the most suitable color for the replacements. 

Ship Your Impressions

Expect an email or call from the denture service regarding your mouth’s imprints. Once they give you the green light, ship your impressions to them. Use the same box and the provided shipping label. 

How Long Will It Take To Make Your Dentures?

It depends on several factors, but it may take two to four weeks. This starts once your denture provider receives your impressions.

Upon receipt of your dental impressions, a licensed dentist will review them. They’ll carefully plan out its construction using high-quality denture materials.

The dentist will create a trial denture first based on your impressions. This involves using a bite block and wax. These materials let the dentist record how your existing teeth bite together.

Only after testing the trial will the dentist craft your new dentures. The final pieces then undergo any necessary adjustments. From there, they’ll get shipped to you discretely.

When you order partial dentures online, expect it to take around two to three weeks to create. As for full dentures, they may need about four weeks. Any request for custom and additional features will slightly extend the turnaround time. 

What About Possible Adjustments?

It’s vital to note that most, if not all, new dentures often require minor adjustments. Fortunately, these are easier and faster to complete. Plus, you can rest assured they’re free, provided you follow your provider’s instructions.

So, as soon as you get your new dentures, try them. This will help you determine if they fit correctly or are too loose or tight.

Ill-fitting dentures can cause discomfort and may impede how you eat and speak. They can also rub against the inside of your mouth, resulting in sores or ulcers. Thus, please let your provider know if you think your dentures need adjustments. 

Are Dentures Ordered Online of Good Quality?

As long as you order from a reputable service, then, yes, you can expect quality dentures.

A reputable denture service employs a licensed dentist. It’s this dental care professional who plans and directs your case.

In addition, a reputable service uses only industry-grade denture materials. These are the same materials dentists use to make the dentures of patients they’ve seen in person. In short, they create dentures of the same quality as those you can get from a dental office.

To top it off, you can save money when you order quality dentures online from a reputable service. These dental prosthetics often cost less than those you can get from a dental clinic. This price difference is primarily due to the online service’s lower overhead expenses.

Time to Order Quality Dentures Online

Seeing a dentist for dentures is no longer the only option to replace missing teeth. You can now order them online, thanks to dental and technological advances. This is also more convenient, not to mention more affordable.

So, if you’re ready to replace missing teeth, consider ordering quality dentures online.

Here at Denture Rescue, we take pride in the quality of our new and replacement dentures. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly discuss your options and help you place your order!

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