7 Things to Know Before You Order Dentures Online

order dentures online

If it’s time to update your smile, online dentures are one of the best denture options available. You might be skeptical about this latest craze in dental care. However, there are many advantages to purchasing your dentures online. Buying dentures online offers a cheaper and faster alternative than an in-office denture. When you order dentures online, you don’t have to wait for any appointments to open up and you’ll also avoid pesky repeat appointments. 

Here are the seven key considerations you should think about before buying dentures online.

1. They Might be Cheaper

Dentures are often costly, sometimes costing as much as $1000. Online dentures offer many people a cheaper alternative to traditional dentures. You’ll save money and your smile!

The reason for the reduced cost of online dentures is that you aren’t paying for the services of a dentist. This includes the cost for the length of your visit, the equipment they use, and the payment to the dentist themselves.

By purchasing online dentures, you’re only paying for the equipment you need to create your dentures and the cost to develop them. You may also be responsible for the postage fees, although some online denture retailers will cover these costs as a bonus.

2. They Save You Time

If you’ve ever had to take time out of your busy life to visit your dentist, you know how frustrating it can be. This is especially true when you get dentures. In-office denture visits can take a lot of time as your dentist will have to ensure they fit your mouth.

You may also need more than one visit to the dentist to fit regular dentures. However, with online dentures, you simply record the shape of your mouth with the equipment sent to you and you’re ready to go! Even if they do need reshaping, you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

3. You’ll Get High-Quality Dentures

You might have worries over the quality of your online dentures compared to in-office ones. However, rest assured that your online dentures are made to the same standard as any regular set of dentures.

Be sure to purchase your online dentures from a reputable retailer. This is the best way to make sure they will be strong, durable, and last for a long time. You should check out the reviews of past customers on the retailer’s page to ensure they are up to standard.

4. Your Dentist Can Check Them

Don’t worry if you buy dentures online and they feel uncomfortable or don’t fit as you would like. You can take them to your dentist in person who can inspect them. They’ll be able to advise you if your dentures simply require a little adjustment time or if you need to order a new pair.

While dentures are usually very strong, they are still susceptible to damage. If your online dentures crack or break, bring them to your dentist in the office. They can help to find you a cheap repair solution and restore your dentures.

If they do get damaged, the online retailer from which you purchased them may offer you a new pair. Of course, this depends on how the damage was done. Be sure and read any policies associated with your online dentures before deciding to buy.

5. You’ll Need to Care For Them

You need to care for your online dentures the same way you would any other type of dentures. You’ll need to clean them properly and allow them to soak in water or a cleaning solution overnight. You should also purchase appropriate denture toothpaste and a denture toothbrush.

The secret to life-long dentures is good care practices. Regardless of whether you buy your dentures online or in person, you should still see your dentist every six months.

Doing so will allow your dentist to check your general mouth and tooth health and fix any issues. This could include problems you’re having with your dentures.

6. More Choice Over the Dentures You Buy

Dentures are most commonly made from nylon, metal, or acrylic. You have some choice over the material they’re made from in the office. However, you may feel you should go with what your dentist recommends.

When you buy dentures online, you get the full and final say in what your dentures are made from. Of course, you’ll have to choose from the materials your chosen retailer offers.

Always read up on the advantages and disadvantages of the available material for your dentures. Some may offer increased strength and durability but might have a longer adjustment time. Others might feel comfortable very quickly but require more regular cleaning.

7. May Arrive Quicker 

In-office dentures can take up to six months to be completed and ready for fitting. If you’re looking forward to a new set of teeth, this can feel like a long time. 

Online dentures, however, tend to arrive much faster than those you get from your dentist. Your dentist has to work around other patients and clients, and so has to fit your denture appointment somewhere into their busy schedule. With online dentures, all you have to do is wait for your impression kit, send it back, and have them made. 

Keep in mind that online dentures do take time to create. While they are usually faster than regular dentures, they may take several weeks to develop.

Order Dentures Online Today

Whether you order dentures online or have them fitted in an office, it’s always a good idea to get advice from a dentist. They can check out your teeth and mouth so you’ll know if you’re a good candidate for dentures.

When you buy dentures online, you can choose from a range of different types of dentures. This includes full dentures and partial dentures. 

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