A Beginner’s Guide to Upper Partial Dentures: Care, Buying, and More

upper partial dentures

For too long there’s been a myth that only elderly people without any natural teeth use dentures. And we’re here to tell you that’s simply not true at all! Dentures are an important dental tool used to solve all kinds of problems for people of many ages. Some do need a full set of dentures. While others who are only missing a couple of teeth may only need upper partial dentures. Finding the right kind of dentures can mean major relief. 

When it comes to figuring out dentures, there’s a lot to learn. Check out this article for everything you need to know to get started with dentures! 

Dentures Overview 

The word dentures often conjures up a picture of a rigid set of fake teeth sitting in a cup of water on a nightstand. And while that can be the case, there’s a lot more to them than that. 

Dentures were first invented to help patients who were missing teeth for any reason. They are an easy way to replace teeth without any major procedures or installation. They can be customized to fit any patient’s mouth to look as realistic as possible. 

They are used to help patients continue to be able to eat after losing teeth. But they’re also important for maintaining smile muscles and the face structure. 

These appliances can be an important tool for keeping patients as healthy as possible. Even with natural teeth issues. 

Types of Dentures  

There are two types of dentures that help fill in the gaps of teeth; full and partial dentures. 

Full dentures are a complete set of new teeth for the patient. They have full gums and every type of tooth. A patient can have either a top or a bottom set, depending on their needs. And some may need both! 

These kinds of dentures are attached to the gums or jaw bones. In some ways, they resemble a mouthguard worn by athletes during games. 

Partial dentures will only replace a couple of teeth instead of the whole set. Similar to full dentures, they can be used on the top, bottom, or both. Whatever the patient needs. These sets use the natural teeth that are left as anchor points to hold the trays in place. 

For many patients, partial dentures look more realistic because they blend well with the natural teeth. 

Signs You May Need Dentures

Deciding to get dentures can feel very overwhelming. It seems like such a big step that will be a major life change. But they’re the best way to solve so many teeth-related problems. 

Knowing when you’re a candidate for dentures can make the whole process much easier. 

Dentures are used to cover holes where teeth used to be. People lose teeth for all kinds of reasons; accidents, cavities, or tooth decay. A gap leaves the rest of your mouth very vulnerable to more serious problems. 

If you are noticing any redness or irritation on your gums where a tooth used to be, you should look into dentures. 

You should also consider dentures when you are having problems chewing food. Or when feeling self-conscious about your smile is holding you back. 

Working with Your Dentist 

The easiest way to know if you should get dentures or not is to see your dentist. Regular visits to the dentist keep your oral health on the best track. They’ll do thorough inspections to see where your teeth and gums are at. They’re hoping to catch any issues before they become big problems.

Because of their expertise, your dentist will be able to give a great recommendation on what type of denture you should choose. 

Then, you can take that knowledge with you as you search for the right option. That kind of insight into your oral health can be priceless in a situation like this! 

Denture Creation Process 

Once you’ve decided which type of denture you want, it’s time to get it made! This is the exciting step where everything starts to come together. 

Each denture has to be custom fit to the patient’s mouth. So an impression kit will be used. The patient will bite down on the material and hold for several seconds. This creates a perfect mold of any remaining teeth, the gaps, and the gum line. 

That mold will be used to create the dentures for a perfect, tight fit. 

Once the dentures have been created and sent to the patient, they’ll need to test them for several days. The fit is the most important part of dentures. Poor-fitting dentures can cause sores and infections. So any issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Tips for Wearing Dentures 

Wearing dentures doesn’t come as naturally as one might think. There is a learning curve before many patients feel comfortable with their new teeth. 

For the first couple of days (sometimes weeks), it’s normal to feel some soreness. Your mouth is adjusting to having something new and it will take time. But it shouldn’t ever be really painful. If that’s what you experience, you need to talk to a professional for help. 

The more you wear your dentures, the quicker you’ll learn how to do everything again. Expect some changes to your speech and the way you can chew your food

Denture Problem Solutions 

The biggest problem people face with their dentures is keeping them in the right shape. Any time that happens, even a little bit, it can make them uncomfortable to wear. 

Be sure to never let your dentures dry out when not in use. As the moisture leaves the materials, it hardens. That means they won’t be as flexible the next time you try to fit them in your mouth. Instead of just leaving them in a case or on the counter, drop them in a container of water. 

Even when you do your best to take care of your dentures, things can still happen. If you ever run into an issue with your dentures, don’t try to fix it on your own. That often makes it much worse!

Trust the repairs to the professionals so you can keep enjoying your dentures for as long as possible. 

Maintaining Your Dentures 

Leaving your dentures in a glass of water seems like it would keep them clean. Especially if you add a cleaning agent to the glass at the same time. Unfortunately, that’s not the case!

It’s important to brush your dentures just like you would your natural teeth. The best way to do that is to remove them before you start brushing so you can reach all the angles. While your dentures are out, you should also brush your gums and natural teeth with a soft bristle brush. Getting rid of as much bacteria as possible. 

If it’s possible, it’s also important to floss your dentures every day as well. 

Make sure you’re using the right products as well. A typical toothpaste won’t be the right choice for your dentures. Specialty pastes and products will help keep them clean and fresh for a long time. 

Expected Lifespan of Dentures 

Dentures can be really important for a patient’s health. Having a clean, safe out can have a huge impact on all kinds of other systems in the body. 

But they are also an investment, so you want them to last as long as possible. 

A normal set of dentures should last up to ten years if taken care of really well. It’s important to not wear worn-out dentures because they can cause all kinds of other problems. Take your dentures to your dental check-ups to be sure everything is working how it’s supposed to. 

Benefits of Wearing Dentures 

There are a lot of benefits to wearing dentures. But they all boil down to helping a patient get their life back. 

It’s frustrating and embarrassing to not be able to do the things you used to do so easily. Having a working set of teeth can ease a lot of that pain quickly. 

They also are a great barrier protection to keep a patient healthy. Anything you can do to eliminate areas of vulnerability is worth the effort. With dentures, you won’t have to worry about further damage to the holes in your gums. And you can get your beautiful smile back to share with the world! 

A Complete Guide for Getting Upper Partial Dentures

Getting upper partial dentures can be a complete game-changer for so many people. Especially for those who have suffered from weak or missing teeth for any period of time. There’s nothing like being able to confidently eat anything you’d like. Or smile as wide as you can without being embarrassed. 

Teeth have such an impact on our daily lives. Anything you can do to make them better is worth the effort. 

When you’re getting dentures, you definitely want the best quality you can find. And that’s exactly what we offer! Our selection gives you all the options you need to find the perfect fit. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today! 

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