13 Reasons to Consider Getting Dentures Supported by Implants

dentures supported by implants

Around 48% of people with traditional dentures are dissatisfied with them. Dentures are such an important part of our lives because they give us our smiles back.

If we don’t love the way they feel, it’s difficult to feel confident. We can’t eat the foods we love. We might even avoid smiling.

That’s why dentures supported by implants are a great alternative. They avoid a lot of the problems of traditional dentures while giving you a whole variety of new benefits.

Uncertain if they’re the right choice for you? We’ve collected the top reasons everyone should consider getting denture implants. Read all about them and decide for yourself!

1. Retain Bone Density

One of the biggest problems with getting dentures is the fact that the jaw bones eventually lose density and mass. This leads to subtle changes in the shape of your face. Without your dentures in, you may not like the way your face looks at all.

This is because our teeth provide stimulation to those bones, keeping the density strong. Without that interaction, the bones lose their density over time.

With implants, you keep far more of your bone density. The pressure of the implants acts as a substitute for the missing teeth.

You’ll find that your face maintains its previous shape without you needing to do anything extra. This not only helps with overall satisfaction and aesthetics, but it also is a great asset for future dental care options.

2. More Secure Fit

When you talk to people who have dentures, one of the things they complain about most is the fit. It’s not always easy to achieve the right suction to keep the dentures in place. Sometimes parts of the denture rub the wrong way, leading to sores.

When the dentures feel uncomfortable, you’re forced to think about them all the time. You’ll adjust the way you do things because you need to make sure the dentures stay secure.

The implants don’t allow there to be any awkward fits or painful rubbing on your gums. The denture stays in place and feels secure throughout the entire day.

3. Never Slips or Falls

It’s frustrating to rely on your dentures so much, only to have them fail you when you need them most.

With secure dentures, you’ll never need to worry about them slipping or falling. Since the dentures are attached to the implants, they’ll stay where you want them with very little effort. You might even forget you’re wearing them at all.

This helps with overall confidence. It also makes eating far easier, since the dentures won’t slide around as you eat your favorite snacks.

4. Easier Smiles

No matter the types of dentures you’re considering, being able to smile is at the top of the requirement list. If your dentures have an insecure fit, they’re bound to fall at some point. No one wants to be in that embarrassing situation of laughing with friends when dentures fall.

Adding structural implants to your dentures makes smiling feel as natural as it once did. You can laugh to your heart’s content and never need to give your dentures a second thought.

This makes everyday things far more enjoyable. Go to your favorite restaurant or watch a family member’s recital. With implants, you’ll never have denture anxiety ruining those new loving memories.

5. No Need for Adhesives

Dental adhesives are a good workaround for when you need extra security. The problem is that they’re tricky to work with and can be frustrating to apply. It adds yet another thing you need to do before heading to work.

Implants eliminate the need for adhesives.

The titanium posts act like the strongest adhesive around. They force the dentures to stay in place so that you don’t need to mess with anything else.

If you ever feel like you need adhesives for your implants, it’s time to think about readjusting the dentures. Implants should be an easy thing, so don’t settle for less!

6. Avoid Annoying Food Adjustments

Sometimes we need to give up our favorite foods to make our dentures work for us. This isn’t the way it should go. The dentures should work for you, not the other way around.

This is why you should always consider all your denture options. Implants, for instance, make eating as simple as it was with natural teeth.

You’ll maintain a similar level of chewing strength as you once had. You’ll get to enjoy nuts and raw vegetables without the risk of being unable to chew through them.

7. Clearer Speech

Traditional dentures can make a difference in the way you talk. Although they’re supposed to sit in your mouth without getting in the way, this isn’t always the case. Most people find that they have to adjust the way they speak from time to time to accommodate the dentures.

This is helped with the addition of adhesives, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

Implants make sure that there is never a problem in the first place. The implants don’t allow for tiny movements of the dentures that impair your speech.

This means you’ll get to continue talking the way you’ve talked your whole life. It makes the whole transition feel better and leads to a happier experience.

8. No Covering of Tastebuds

Did you know that there are tastebuds on the roof of your mouth? Normal dentures cover these tastebuds due to their need for a suction plate.

Wearing traditional dentures, you’ll notice that you don’t enjoy foods as much as you once did. Flavors feel dulled down in a way you can’t quite explain.

Since implants don’t need that suction plate to function, they don’t hinder your food enjoyment. All of your tastebuds are free to take in those scrumptious flavors that you love!

9. Easier Choice for Partial Dentures

It’s often tricky to get partial dentures to work if you’re not diligent. Due to their greater security, dentures supported by implants make partial ones easier to deal with.

The denture sits in your mouth without ever bumping into the other teeth. This prevents future damage to your remaining teeth while feeling better than regular partial dentures.

10. Less Maintenance

Maintenance and care are things that often get overlooked when it comes to choosing dentures. Many people don’t realize that dentures require some love and care to maintain their healthy look.

If this worries you, then implants are the way to go.

They still need maintenance from time to time, but the requirements are far less. If you miss a day, implanted dentures won’t suffer as much for it. This makes them a great choice for anyone who has trouble with adding new things to their routine.

11. Greater Durability

Due to their tendency to move around more, traditional dentures take on a lot more wear and tear. They even have the potential to break at the worst of times.

Denture implants don’t only give extra security and a better fit. They also provide greater support to the dentures. Fewer weak points develop over time because the entire denture has a titanium support system.

A regular denture will need to be replaced far more quickly than one supported by implants.

12. Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Implants have a higher initial cost but their long-term payoff is much better than regular dentures. Without the need for constant adhesives, maintenance, or replacements, implants will be kind to your budget.

A lot of people turn away when they look at the initial cost of dental implants. This is why it’s a good idea to think about things in the long term.

Think of the implants as an investment. They might take more at first, but they’ll pay for themselves over the years. Add this to the luxury of their security and durability, and it’s easy to see why many people find the cost to be worth it!

13. Implants Feel More Natural

Dental implants are the right choice if you want a denture option that provides you with the most seamless transition. Without the possibility of shifting around, they feel normal.

It’s also possible to install implants as a permanent fixture. This means that you won’t be able to remove them at all and they’ll take the place of your previous teeth.

You’ll even need to brush and floss them just like natural teeth as well. No one will be able to tell the difference. Not even you!

Dentures Supported by Implants Bring More Joy Into Your Life

At the end of the day, your dentures shouldn’t impact your life. They should be a part of your life that you don’t even need to think about most of the time.

Dentures supported by implants give you this experience. You avoid all the hassle while enjoying your life to the fullest in every way!

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