5 Impressive Benefits of Dentures

benefits of dentures

Did you know that over 66% of people ages 40 to 64 have some form of tooth loss? Luckily, wearing dentures provides a perfect solution for many tooth problems. Have you considered false teeth but aren’t sure what all the benefits of dentures are? It might surprise you that denture benefits go far beyond just having beautiful teeth.

The following guide will explore 5 impressive benefits of dentures. Read on and discover if the life changing prosthetic devices are a good choice for you.

1. Improved Chewing and Smile

It only takes losing a few teeth to cause serious problems with eating foods. Just a missing molar alone can create much more chewing effort while eating. This can lead to frustration and issues with balancing your diet.

Not chewing food properly doesn’t break it down into small pieces which makes it more difficult for your intestines to absorb nutrients. Dentures allow wearers to chew and break down the toughest of foods and prevent choking and indigestion.

Eating your favorite foods without pain is sure to put a smile on your face, and properly fitted dentures improve that, too. They give your teeth an upgraded alignment and their colors mimic that of natural teeth so no one can tell the difference.

Dentists can fine-tune the whiteness to match your remaining teeth for a perfect match. For full dentures, an appropriate brightness gets selected so that your false teeth look as natural as possible.

2. Improved Confidence and Facial Shape

Having missing teeth can cause a lot of insecurities and affect social lives and mental health. People with missing teeth tend to cover their smiles and avoid certain social situations which affect their overall quality of life.

Wearing dentures can improve a person’s self-esteem throughout both their personal and professional life. Dentures can also improve facial structure, not just smiles.

Even missing a few back teeth can cause a person’s jaw muscles to sag. It’s a very common problem for older adults and creates a drooping facial look. Missing molars can also cause a person’s face to appear asymmetrical.

Wearing full dentures helps a person’s face appear more defined and their jawline more beautiful and chiseled. The support of dentures works like natural teeth and often makes patients look younger than they actually are.

3. Prevents Additional Oral Issues

Missing teeth can leave that location of the gum open and vulnerable. Gums don’t have the same type of resilience as tooth enamel does and must be protected. Exposed gum can be harmed by chewing hard foods and cause other severe health problems.

Fortunately, dentures can help limit the threat of serious oral infections. They help protect the gums where natural teeth should be and allow wearers to eat their favorite foods without worry.

Also, missing teeth means your remaining teeth must work harder which wears them down more quickly. The more teeth you’re missing, the faster the others start to decline. Pressure from chewing with missing teeth can even cause the back row to shift.

Front teeth also shift to compensate for missing teeth and gaps often begin to appear. Shifting teeth cause pain, crookedness, and increased gum sensitivity. So, wearing dentures is a smart, healthy, preventive measure to protect your mouth.

4. Custom Fits and Easy Maintenance

Dentures get made specifically for each patient and imitate the wearer’s own teeth and gums. Dentists take a detailed mold of the patient’s mouth and make a reproduction of their natural teeth.

The precise process ensures wearers that the dentures will have a comfortable and reliable fit. The process is simple and you can even order custom dentures online for an affordable price. Dentures are much cheaper than surgical and implant options for missing teeth.

It’s easy to maintain oral hygiene while wearing dentures because they’re removable. Taking them out and cleaning them with a soft-bristle toothbrush doesn’t;t take much effort.

Wearers remove their dentures at night while they’re sleeping and usually soak them in a solution. Doing so helps eliminate plaque and bacteria from the dentures while the wearer rests overnight.

5. Improves Speech

Missing teeth can greatly speech and lead to slurring and lisps. It’s even harder to mask speech impediments than a smile in social settings.

Dentures help patients enhance the way they speak and restore their natural speech to how it was before their missing teeth. They help the tongue to push against the dentures and create crucial sounds that form words.

Additional Tips

Use denture adhesive even with well-fitting sets to limit food buildup underneath. Adhesive might also add comfort and give peace of mind that they’re extra secure and won’t come out.

Soak dentures in a cleansing solution every single day to break down plaque and disinfect them. Remember, only use cleaning solutions for dentures outside the mouth and reference the manufacturers’ instructions.

It’s possible for dentures to break if you drop them onto a hard surface. Try to clean your dentures over a towel or bowl filled with water to provide a cushion in case they’re dropped.

Always take your dentures overnight to alleviate soreness and avoid infection. Although, there are select cases where patients need to leave their dentures in overnight.

Remember to visit the dentist regularly after purchasing a set of dentures to maintain their quality and your oral health. It’s also a great way to ask questions and voice concerns about your dentures that might arise.

Understanding the Benefits of Dentures

Now you know the vast benefits of dentures and how to properly maintain them. Consider ordering a set for yourself and boost your self-esteem and health while preventing future dental issues.

Please contact us if you have any remaining questions about obtaining dentures and how they can improve your life.

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