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What is the difference between immediate dentures and regular dentures?

Immediate dentures are removable and can be placed immediately after a patient’s teeth get removed. In comparison, patients have to wait between a few weeks for their mouth to heal before getting conventional dentures.

Unlike other sites all cases are dentist directed and dental office quality. (The same quality as a brick and mortar dental office without the office visit.)

Select your own tooth and gum shade using the shade guide we provide with your impression kit.

For Dentures we use all top grade materials. Lucitone Denture Base Resin is an acrylic whose high-impact strength has set the industry standard for denture resins. Offering superb resistance to flexure fatigue, excellent tissue coloration, vein simulation and balanced translucency. Lucitone is available in several aesthetic shades. Cadmium-free. Heat Cured.

We will send your impression kit ASAP. Free UPS shipping. Money back guarantee.

What are the pros and cons of immediate dentures?

The biggest pro with immediate dentures is that a patient take the impressions before their teeth are removed. The lab can then make the mold and remove the remaining teeth from the mold. They then use the new mold (now without any teeth on it) to make the immediate denture.

In contrast and regular denture is made after all teeth have been extracted and the gums have healed.

The biggest downside to an immediate denture is that due to the nature of how your gums heal the fit may not be as good and might require a reline sooner than a traditional denture to help kit the fit to your liking.

How much do immediate dentures cost?

Our Premium Quality Upper or Lower Immediate Denture is only four interest free payments of $174.75.

In Summary

Immediate dentures are fast and convenient, but may need extra upkeep. The best candidate for immediate dentures is a person with sensitive gums and teeth. Or if you are in a bigger hurry. They can also be a temporary solution while waiting for a more permanent denture option.

Order dentures and partial dentures online nationwide

What’s included with your order?

  • Dedicated consultant to assist with every step
  • Custom impression trays with multiple sizes
  • Professional impression materials
  • Shade guides for gums and teeth
  • Step by step instructions
  • Free UPS Return label

How long will it take?

We strive for perfection, especially when it comes to your smile. With dentures will will do a bite block and wax tryin to make sure it is perfect before making the final denture, just like a dental office. Other sites will completely skip this step. Likewise with a partial it will depend on the case and number of teeth. A safe estimate is about 3-4 weeks for your new high quality smile.

Have a special request? Just ask, we can do just about anything!

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Final Thoughts

Ordering dentures or partial dentures online is easy no matter your age or skill level. Our team is always there to assist you throughout the process should you have any questions. Start today! Click here to begin.

Order dentures and partial dentures online nationwide

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The process was so easy and the communication was awesome. Every question I had was answered immediately. I just received my upper and my lower partials. They fit perfectly. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’m not covering my mouth when I laugh and I can finally smile again. I couldn’t be happier!


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I couldn’t be happier with he new denture. I very had the best service ever! The people at Denture rescue sent the wax, trial fit denture numerous times to improve and ensure a correct fit and appearance. This online option for ordering a denture is a miracle. I’m so grateful for this Denture Service. I so needed a new denture and was dreading actual the office visit. I can tell you, that I am not easy to please, and the people at Denture rescue were very patient with me, very polite, understanding, and did many adjustments to the trial fit denture until I was happy with it. I was never charged shipping fees, to or from their lab. I was treated like a Queen!! Thank you Denture Rescue! You are definitely did rescue!


Fantastic service… Tremendous value and savings!

Rated 5 out of 5

Very happy with the overall experience, responsiveness and quality of Simon’s team


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Founded by Dr.Jaffe DDS who has been in practice for over 40 years Denture Rescue’s Dentures and Partial Dentures offers a simple mail order solution with a free impression kit!

Why leave home? Our Dentures and Partials are not a temporary solution but instead are the same high quality product you would get at a brick and mortar dental office.

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