Pickup and Delivery!

As our prices came down with advances in technology we no longer repair dentures or partials. Instead we highly recommend a new denture online. YES! Skip the dental visits, we can make your denture by mail with the highest quality materials, click here!

Nationwide Travel Free Dentures, Partials, and Repairs!

For new dentures or partials we send your impression kit via UPS, it only takes a couple days to arrive. The creation of the denture or partial will vary based on complexity.

For repairs, our receptionist can schedule a pickup from your home or work. We then repair and return the denture to you. Optionally we can send you a UPS label, print or take it to any UPS store.

No physical dental office visit is required. Request a free quote 24 hours a day. All cases are reviewed by a dentist prior to repair. If we cannot repair your denture for any reason we offer a full money back guarantee. (minus shipping costs)

Friendly CourierUPS

We personally pick up your denture.

Multiple Options Available.