13 Signs You Need New Dentures

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According to the American Dental Association, about 36 million Americans do not have any teeth. Of these people, about 90% have dentures. If you’re missing teeth, you should explore the idea of getting one of the many types of dentures. They can work wonders for your oral health and improve everything from your appearance to your ability to eat. There will, however, come a time when new dentures will turn into old dentures.

At this point, you’ll need to consider replacing your old dentures with a new set.

You should be able to keep dentures around for a relatively long time by practicing proper oral care. But even still, there won’t be any getting around replacing old dentures at some point.

Here are 13 signs that will show that you need new dentures ASAP.

1. Your Dentures Are Very Old

Generally speaking, you should be able to keep dentures around for somewhere between 10 to 15 years before needing to replace them. So if you have dentures that are more than a decade old, it could be an indication that you’ll need to invest in new dentures soon.

As long as there isn’t anything wrong with old dentures, you might be able to push them to the 15-year mark or even a little bit beyond it. But you don’t want to keep dentures for too long and run the risk of them breaking on you out of nowhere.

2. Your Dentures Always Feel Loose

When you buy new dentures, they should form a tight fit in your mouth. They shouldn’t move around at all on you since they could limit your ability to speak, eat, etc., with them.

If your dentures are just a little bit loose, your dentist might be able to make adjustments to make them fit again. But if they’re loose and they’ve been around for more than a few years, that could be reason enough to invest in new dentures instead of continuing to wear your old ones.

3. Your Dentures Fall Out All the Time

Have your dentures started to randomly fall out of your mouth when you’re talking, eating, etc.? This is obviously not a situation that you want to find yourself in.

In this case, your dentures will be more than just a little bit loose. They’ll be on the verge of falling out and not going back into place. You’ll want to look into having your old dentures replaced with new ones as quickly as you can.

4. Your Dentures Are Damaged

By making it a point to take good care of your dentures, you should be able to stop them from getting damaged. But no matter how hard you work to maintain them, you might find that they’ll get cracked, chipped, or even broken in half when you’re handling them.

The second that your old dentures are damaged, you’ll want to place an order for new dentures. You don’t ever want to put damaged dentures back into your mouth again.

5. Your Dentures Are Stained

From the second that you start wearing dentures, you’re going to need to make a push to keep them clean. Fortunately, cleaning dentures should be pretty easy to do.

But if you don’t make a strong enough effort to clean your dentures, problems could arise. They might start to get stained, especially if you eat certain foods and drink certain beverages while wearing them.

In this case, you should technically continue to wear stained dentures. But if you don’t want to do that and you can’t get them clean, buying new dentures will be the best way to restore your white smile.

6. Your Dentures Make It Difficult to Speak

When you first start wearing dentures, you might find that they’ll make it a little bit challenging to speak. But once you get used to them, you’ll be able to carry on conversations without even giving your dentures a second thought.

But if your dentures begin to get even a little loose on you, doing something as simple as talking might turn into a huge headache. You won’t sound like you normally do anymore, and things might only get worse from there.

Buying new dentures will restore your normal speech patterns and make it so much easier for you to talk from now on.

7. Your Dentures Affect Your Ability to Eat

Just like with talking, eating with dentures can be rough at first. You’re going to feel anxious every time you bite down on something with your dentures.

But as time goes on, you should begin to feel more comfortable eating with dentures. You won’t even notice that you’re chewing with your dentures anymore.

This might not last forever, though. You might eventually start to struggle to eat foods with your dentures if they get to be loose. Purchasing new dentures will be the only surefire way to put this problem in the past.

8. Your Dentures Are Causing Sores

Your dentures are going to be in constant contact with your gums. Because of this, any changes to the way that your dentures fit could result in you suffering from sores and even lesions on your gums.

As you might imagine, this can be very painful, making it almost impossible for you to leave your dentures in for long stretches of time. You can remedy this situation by sticking new dentures into your mouth.

9. Your Dentures Hurt Your Gums

Your dentures might do more than just cause sores to appear on your gums. As they get older, they might also start to put more pressure on your gums when you bite down on them.

Even if you don’t have any sores on your gums, this change in pressure can lead to pain and discomfort. By picking out a pair of new dentures, you can relieve the pain that you feel and make your gums feel normal again.

10. Your Dentures Are Leading to Jaw Soreness

If you’re biting down harder than you normally do to accommodate for loose dentures, you might find that your jaw will begin to ache. This will occur when you’re putting more pressure on your gums than usual.

This jaw soreness might start to take a toll on you every single time you go to eat something. You’ll want to buy new dentures to send your jaw pain packing so that you can eat in peace as you move forward.

11. Your Dentures Have Changed the Shape of Your Face

Believe it or not, ill-fitting dentures could actually impact the shape of your entire face if you aren’t careful. Your teeth are responsible for giving your cheeks and jawline their shape, so if you have old dentures that don’t fit well anymore, it could alter your appearance.

The only way you can get back to your old look will be by ditching your old dentures in favor of new ones. They can restore your face’s natural shape over time.

12. Your Dentures Are Impacting Your Breath

Remember how we mentioned that failing to clean your dentures properly can cause them to stain? Well, they can also cause them to smell bad, and this could, in turn, impact the way your breath smells.

If you’re walking around with bad breath because of your dentures, you aren’t going to want to get too close to other people. You might also want to avoid talking to people altogether.

Replacing your old dentures with new ones can freshen your breath and give you your confidence back.

13. Your Dentures Just Don’t Feel Right

You know the way that your dentures are supposed to feel when you put them in your mouth. You spend enough time with your dentures in to know the feeling that you get when they fit right.

If this feeling ever goes away, it’s usually going to be a safe bet that you’ll need to work on replacing them. At the very least, you should bring it up to your dentist so that they can see if adjustments can be made.

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