Commonly Asked Questions About Dentures

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can help restore your beautiful smile. Getting dentures can be a long process. A lot depends on the current state of your teeth so it is important to make the decision after consulting with your dentist. However, there are things you should know about dentures before opting for them.

Frequently asked questions about dentures
Replacing missing teeth is important and highly recommended. Dentures can help resolve many of the associated problems. Today’s dentures are comfortable and natural-looking so dentists can provide patients with an attractive and comfortable substitute for missing teeth. Dentures should be considered if a person has lost natural teeth whether from tooth decay, gum disease or injury. Here are four of the most commonly asked questions about dentures.

Will dentures help?
Dentures can help improve a patient’s appearance and smile. Without support from dentures, the facial muscles sag which may make a person look older. If built and fitted properly, dentures can improve lip and cheek support for a more pleasing profile. They can also make it easier for a patient to speak and eat more comfortably.

How long does it take for a patient to get used to dentures?
New dentures may feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks or months until a patient becomes accustomed to them. They may feel loose while cheek and tongue muscles learn to keep them securely in place. A feeling that the tongue does not have enough room, excessive saliva flow and minor soreness or irritation are not unusual. But these problems should go away with time as the mouth gets used to the dentures. Follow-up appointments are needed after inserting a denture so that a dentist can check and adjust it. If problems persist, especially soreness or irritation, a patient should visit a dentist.

How long do dentures last?
After sometime dentures will need to be remade, relined or rebased because of normal wear. Rebasing involves making a new base while still keeping the existing denture teeth. People’s mouths are constantly changing and these changes can cause the dentures to loosen. This may make chewing hard and even irritate the gums. To ensure dentures fit properly, they may need to be adjusted regularly. Patients can benefit from visiting dentists annually for a denture checkup.

How should a patient clean the dentures?
Dentures should be cleaned after every meal. A person should clean them over a damp towel or basin of water. This will help to avoid breakage if a person drops them. Dentures should be held gently between the fingers and thumb. Brushing them using a denture cleaner and denture brush is also recommended.

Get a new smile with your dentures
Dentures can improve the look of your smile and make it easier for you to speak and eat. It will take a short period of time for you to get used to your dentures. You should still practice good dental hygiene even if you wear dentures and it is advisable to handle them carefully. Taking proper care of your dentures is important for both your mouth and the health of your dentures.

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