Common Denture Repairs

A denture is not resilient enough to withstand many of the situations natural teeth can handle. Sometimes, they will need to be repaired when damages occur. Although patients can get over-the-counter kits for denture repair, most times, the kits are not only ineffective but could cause more damage to the dentures. The best option is to book an appointment with a dentist to find out the type of denture repair possible. In many cases, a simple fix might be enough to restore the dentures.

What causes denture damage?
The same activities that wreak havoc on the natural teeth are also harmful to dentures. Teeth grinding, using the denture to open bottles or hard substances can cause damage. In some situations, the dentist can fix chipped or cracked dentures or repair the denture base. Otherwise, the patient will need to get new dentures.

The primary issue with dentures is not how they are utilized in the mouth but events that occur after removing them. If the denture drops on a hard surface it may break. The dentist can repair them when this happens but not always.

Denture repair may also be required if there have been changes in oral cavity. If the gum or jawbone changes the denture may become less comfortable and may break. The dentist will usually recommend new dentures in this case, but they will check the denture to see if repairs are possible.

What to do when a denture breaks
It may seem tempting and cheaper to repair a damaged denture at home, but it is not advisable. It is vital to allow a dental professional to handle the repair. They have more experience with designing and repairing dentures. The denture will be fixed in the office and may even be completed on the same day. Common denture damage includes:

Tooth cracking or falling out
Denture breakage
Decaying pink acrylic
After the denture suffers damage, patients are advised to clean the pieces and store them in a bag until they can get it to the dentist for repairs.

Types of denture repair
The following are common denture repairs and maintenance:

Denture adjustment: Adjusting the denture’s fitting to prevent irritation and discomfort

Denture rebasing: Transferring teeth from an old denture onto a new acrylic base

Denture relining: Changing the surface area of the denture that sits on the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

If the metal clasp on a partial denture is broken, the entire dental restoration will have to be replaced. In many situations, the dentist can add a temporary clasp to the current denture so that patients can continue to wear the partial before the new restoration is ready. Usually, the time required is between one to four days. The patient may get a temporary denture while they wait for the dental lab to complete the denture repair.

In conclusion
Careful maintenance and routine dental checkup will help to ensure the denture stays comfortable and fitting. If the denture gets damaged, contact the dental office immediately to know the type of repair possible.

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